Bringing Revolutionary Digital Audio to the Conference Room

With our Yamaha Ql1 digital mixing consoles, our audio capabilities are head and shoulders above the rest, with real life possibilities to help us engineer a perfect sound.

Its a compact unit and delivers a considerable amount of horsepower with features that are effective. We find that the Dan Dugan Automixer is especially effective during panel sessions where many microphones are in use at the same time. With this feature you never miss a word which is a weight off the technicians shoulders.

  • Revolutionary Dugan Automatic Mixer
  • MP3 Playback & Recorder straight from USB stick
  • Racks of Effects and EQ’s
  • Built in Dante Networking

8 omni outputs can be selected to feed speakers, cameras, stage monitors or the press and the use of Dante Networking we can connect all the wired mic’s backstage via the digital stage box.

In order to produce great mixes, our audio engineers need to have, natural sound as a starting point. That’s why the Yamaha QL1 features top-spec circuitry and components, to provide you with pristine audio from input to output.

Were happy to offer this amazing bit of kit to our inventory and really enjoy using it on live events.